Apply for Canada Visitor Visa in 2022

The Canadian guest visa is an authority brief report that permits anybody who bears the record in their identification a restrictive approval into the region and nation of Canada, this is typically stepped into the authority visa of the conveyors nation of beginning or citizenship. It is frequently for a predetermined timeframe relying upon the sort of visa that is gotten.

The guest visa is one of a few kinds of visas that can be utilized for movement and as passage records into Canada, others incorporate; traveler visa, study or work grant or business visa, migration and naturalization visa and understudy visa. Most settlers frequently require one of these sorts of visa to move into Canada with the exception of a few unique conciliatory and excluded characters.

Kinds of Guest Visa in Canada.

There are basically two kinds of visitor visa in Canada; the single entry visa and the multiple entry visa. The single entry as the name implies permits foreign nationals to enter and exit from Canada just once within the period of validity of the visa. The multiple entry on the other hand permits foreigners to enter and exit Canada as many times as they like within the valid period of the visa. The visitor visa duration can last up to six months in validity. The visitor visa is also sometimes called a TRV; temporary resident visa. If seeking a study or work permit, the TRV is often included as part of the required documents. Otherwise, it isn’t when seeking just a visit visa.

Canada Visitors Application, 2022

As a prospective visitor to Canada, now is the best time to consider making Canada your permit home of residence as it is becoming more and more easy and accessible to do so as the government of Canada has become more than ever poised to encourage young skilled foreigners to consider making Canada their new home, by the ease of application procedures.

To find out if you require a visa application, you must first consider if your country of nationality or residence is on the visa exempt list through a bilateral agreement with the government of Canada or not. If not, you proceed to apply, in the application process you will be required to submit a biometrics at a Visa application centre (VAC), if your application is online, after submitting your application you will wait to receive a letter which will inform you if you are to submit a biometrics or not.

Steps to apply for Canada Visa
  1. Application submission
  2. Biometrics capture and collection
  3. Application assessment
  4. Immigration decision
  5. If approved, travel to Canada
  6. Upon arrival, biometrics verification
  7. Upon positive verification, enter Canada

Biometrics basically involves the digital capture of your photo and fingerprints, this is usually done at a visa application center or VAC. Temporary residence applicants (visitor visa, study permit, work permit) only have to give biometrics once every ten (10) years.

Submitting Canada Visa Biometrics

Applicants may need to submit biometrics (finger prints and passport) depending on your country of origin and whether or not you have submitted a biometric for another temporary permit application in the last 10 years. Appointments and fees may apply, again depending on modalities in your visa office. Steps below may be required.

  1. Pay the biometrics fee as you submit your application.
  2. Get the biometrics instruction letter; this confirms you to submit your biometrics and where to go to get it done.
  3. Visit an official biometrics collection service point: this must be done in person.
  4. For further instructions you can visit CIC biometrics information page.

Canada Visa Form

The visitor visa application form/document can be submitted online or on paper, most visitors will require this to enter or transit through Canada. At the point of entry the border officers may let you stay up tp six months or above in the case of visiting, this will be stamped into your valid passport or a visitor record will be issued to you which will indicate the date you are meant to exit the country.

Canada Visa Processing time and cost

How much is Canada Visa Fee?

The application cost from a $100 above while the biometrics fee is $85. Duration for a visitor visa varies by country. Processing time often do not include the time required to give your biometric and the time it takes to send your application between a VAC and the visa processing office.

How long does visiting visa application take?

Your processing time is the period between when your complete application is received and when a decision is made by the issuing immigration. However, for most visa applications outside of Canada it often takes close to or more than a year (365) days of processing time. For instance, the processing time for a visitors visa for Nigeria is 354 days and for India is 101 days.

Processing time also depends on the volume of applications received, thus most processing time is either projected or historical, meaning they are estimations of how long it takes to process 80% of the total number of applications recorded in the past.

Who is eligible for Canada visiting visa?

There are basic requirements necessary to obtain a visitor visa or to even start an application. The top on the list of these are:

  • Having a valid travel document. E.g a passport.
  • Be able to convince your immigration officer that you will exit the country at the end of your visa validity.
  • Convince your immigration officer that you have reasons to return back to your country, such as a job, family, home e.t.c.
  • Have enough money for your intended stay.
  • Be in good health.
    Have no criminal or immigration related offense records.
  • Have an invitation letter from a friend or family who lives in Canada.
  • You may also require a medical examination proof.

What makes a candidate forbidden to Canada?
The accompanying reasons might make one prohibited to Canada and thus a dismissal choice on guest visa application:

Known contribution in crime.
Monetary reasons.
Wellbeing reasons.
Realized contribution in coordinated wrongdoing.
Known contribution in basic freedoms infringement.
Applying for Visa Augmentation inside Canada
On going into Canada, you utilized one of the accompanying reports; a guest visa ( likewise called a transitory inhabitant visa), an electronic travel approval and a substantial identification. If nonetheless, after the lapse or before the termination of your visa or any of these reports it becomes vital that you expand your visit in Canada as a guest you should apply for a Guests Record.

What is Guests Record and When Would it be a good idea for you to Apply for a Guests Record?

A guests record is not quite the same as a visa, report gives you status in Canada and permits you to remain longer, it likewise incorporates an expiry date. That is the new date by which you should leave Canada. It doesn’t likewise, ensure that you can leave and reappear the nation, when this terminates and you leave, you should reapply for a guest visa once more. You in any case, should apply for this before your ongoing guest visa terminates. The application charge for a guest record is $100 and the handling time is 208 days. You should reapply for an expansion or for a guests record before your ongoing visa terminates.

Who can apply for Canada Guest Record?
Any individual who has or is in control of any visa type that is going to terminate and in addition to a guest visa can apply for a guests record. In the event that you plan to broaden your visit in Canada or change your grant type from concentrate on license or work grant you should apply for a guests record. Despite how or with what travel report you entered Canada, inasmuch as you mean to expand your visit as a guest, you should apply for a guests record and you ought to apply something like 30 days before the lapse of your ongoing status.

Where can you to apply for guests’ record?

Essentially, a prospective applicant will need to use the “check if you’re eligible to apply” tool in CIC website to determine eligibility to apply for visitors’ record (visa extension) in Canada. There is a complete step by step checklist to guide you through the application, see the official Canada government website. You may apply for visitors record in other to extend your stay in Canada.

What Happens After You Submit Your Visitor Visa Application?

After your application have been submitted the processing immigration will check through your documents to ensure the all the required documents are intact, if this is incomplete your application will be returned without processing. Thus, it is very important to make sure your provide all the necessary and valid documents before you submit your final application. In addition to this you may also be asked to: submit or provide more information, provide a police report, provide a medical report and to attend an interview with Canada representative official in your country of residence.

Further documents needed before you travel to Canada

In the light of the global covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted to severe restrictions on travels around the world, and necessitated the need to prevent and guard against the spread of the virus from place to place and therefore, the provision of a clean bill of health and negative status record as regard the covid-19 virus by would-be travelers, visitors and immigrants to the immigration and border officers at the point of entry. These include a mandatory quarantine and covid-19 testing records and other requirements. With these you will also be required to submit: a quarantine plan after entry, a covid -19 symptom self-assessment record and a travel and contact information.

Financial Implications For A Visitor Visa Application

  • The application fee for visitor visa or a super visa for a single or multiple entry into Canada is $100 per person.
  • Visitor visa for a single or multiple entry for a family of five(5) or more into Canada. All members applying at the same time is $500.
  • To extend a visitor visa by applying and obtaining a visitors record is $100 per person.
  • To restore a visitor visa is $200 per person.

Proof of Financial Support for Canada Visitor Visa

One of the essential documents required for processing your application and for entry into Canada is the proof that you have sufficient financial support for atleast the first 3 months of your stay in Canada. This is accomplished by ensuring you provide a bank statement of not more than one week prior to your departure for Canada and must have atleast the equivalent of 2,500 Canadian dollars.

If you however, have in your bank statement the equivalent of 10,000 Canadian dollars or more, whether in the form of cash, securities (stocks, bonds, treasury bills e.t.c.) or bank drafts, cheques e.t.c you must mention it to the border service officer, if you don’t and found out, you could be fined or jailed.

In the event that you can’t or couldn’t get a bank explanation on the other hand you can give a letter on true letter top of your bank, gave not over multi week before your takeoff, which plainly shows your record balance and its marked and stepped and it should be a unique letter not a copy.

Instructions to assist a relative or companion with applying to Visit Canada
You can help a family or companion to visit Canada by thinking about as a matter of some importance:

The kind of voyaging archives they have and will go with,
The country wherein their voyaging reports were given,
Their identity
Furthermore, how they mean to travel.
Prior to making a trip really do well to figure out kind of voyaging reports their expectation. You can likewise furnish them with a greeting letter to help their voyaging records, this is in any case, not an assurance that their application will give them the visa.

Why online application is superior to newspaper beat
No messenger expenses, transporting charges or mail conveyance time, your application is conveyed in a split second.
Online applications are in many cases handled all the more rapidly in light of the fact that the computerized and electronic cycle is quicker and simpler than custom manual handling.
Applying on the web gives you the vital help and data to guarantee your archives and application prerequisites are satisfied before you submit.
Stay away from pointless deferrals, inadequate applications are effortlessly gotten back to you for survey and vital activity or rectification.
You can without much of a stretch answer any further records prerequisite as quickly as time permits.
You get modern status on your application by means of your internet based account.
Reason for refusal or dismissal of Canadian Visa
Failure to give adequate and exact supporting archives.
Powerlessness to meet required wellbeing and clinical principles.
Powerlessness to supply verification of monetary adequacy for your visit in Canada.
Powerlessness to clear security checks.
Outstaying your visit or abusing states of your past guest visa
In different situations it very well may be a shortcoming from the visa official, for this situation, a visa allure can be prompted with a higher chance of win in the event that you search out a visa movement legal counselor, in any case, it is simply prudent to reapply, however not before the explanations behind the underlying dismissal has been noted and redressed. This should be possible via cautiously evaluating the dismissal letter and taking note of the questions in it or by requesting the dismissal note of the visa official, which should be accommodated your survey.




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